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Reduce support tickets by enabling customer self-service

By providing easy-to-use tools like knowledge bases and virtual assistants, customers can find answers without contacting support. These features reduce costs, improve customer experience, and increase loyalty.

Customer success by Usetiful
Engage across the lifecycle with no-code

Engage across the lifecycle with no-code

Our no-code tools mean you don’t need to hire developers or have technical skills to create engaging and meaningful experiences across the entirety of the customer lifecycle. Wow your users from minute one to drive trust and loyalty.

Onboard faster and better

Onboard faster and better

Onboard and active users efficiently with tooltips, product tours, walkthroughs, and checklists designed to highlight your product value. Help is at their fingertips thanks to Usetiful Assistant and an in-app knowledge base, FAQs, and more.

Reduce customer churn

Reduce customer churn

High customer acquisition costs mean retention has never been more critical. Excellent onboarding and customer success experiences reduce churn. Ensure your customers are getting value from your product through first-class onboarding and customer service tools made to drive retention.

Simple user assistance for customer self service

Simple user assistance

Smart tips are the most effective self-service method to assist customers with tricky features and functions or complex workflows. Errors are prevented as users continually interact with friendly contextual hints that show up as they progress through the product.

Customer self service onboarding

Self-service onboarding

Introduce your product to users with Usetiful product tours and let them explore the application on their own. Your users will enjoy being able to focus on what's relevant to them at their own speed and on their own terms. In the meantime, you’ll save time and costs for training.

Interactive knowledge base for customer self service

Interactive in-app assistant

Leverage your existing documentation and knowledge base articles. Let users access the knowledge base from anywhere in the application using the Assistant widget.

Interactive knowledge base for customer self service
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All help content in one place

You can store all your help and onboarding content and make it easily accessible to your customers via the knowledge base portal or embedded assistant widget.

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Still not sure to invest in customer self-service?


of customers are more likely to repurchase because of low-effort support interactions. (Harvard Business Review)


reduction in support costs can be achieved by companies with effective self-service programs. (Aberdeen Group)


of customers try to resolve issues on their own before seeking help from a customer service representative. (Salesforce)

Customer Story

Customer support requests reduced by more than 50%

Clerbo team was looking for a user onboarding tool for their customers, with focus on interactive product tours in customer’s native language. Their customer support team wanted to reduce the number of questions received especially from new customers about “How to start using Clerbo”. Read the story →

Customer Story - Clerbo
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