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What is User Activation and How to Increase the User Activation Rate

Image by benzoix on Freepik   User activation is one of the most critical and influential KPIs for your SaaS product. At its simplest, it describes the process of a prospect becoming an active user.  The steps required to get a user to that point are complex. However, a digital adoption platform can help. Let’s explore how. But first, let’s look at what user activation is and why it’s so crucial for your SaaS product. What is user activation? User activation is one of the essential parts of the buyer journey. It happens when users have gotten a benefit from your product to the point that they will pay for it or become regular or active users. Many people mix up the Aha moment with user activation. However, they describe two different things. Let's explain this further. The Aha moment happens when users realize what your SaaS product can do. They see it in action and understand its potential to help them do something quicker, cheaper, better, or whatever your USP is. On the other h

Salesforce In-App Guidance: What You Need to Know

  Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool. It's packed with features and functions that allow businesses to handle customer success and product management, predict sales revenues, nurture leads, and increase productivity.  However, all these varied and excellent applications come at a cost. One commonly-cited issue with Salesforce is its steep learning curve. A difficult-to-learn app can be a real issue when you need to train new users. The CRM software giant recognized this some time ago. As a result, they released a tool called In-App Guidance as part of their Lightning Experience upgrade.  The idea behind In-App Guidance is that it helps train and onboard new users with on-screen prompts and interactive walkthroughs.  Let's explore more. Image by drobotdean on Freepik What is Salesforce In-App Guidance? Salesforce has been around for a long time. It's well-established as the most popular sales and CRM tool. A few years ago, they introduced

Recreating Slack User Onboarding for Your SaaS

  Slack user onboarding is a great example of solid digital adoption practice. The instant messaging app got its user onboarding experience so right that other products and services should sit up and take notice. Image by master1305 on Freepik In this article, we'll use Slack user onboarding to share: User onboarding best practices What Slack got right What Slack got wrong How you can use these lessons to improve your user onboarding How user onboarding tools like Usetiful can help you recreate the Slack onboarding experience. Why Slack is an excellent lesson for developers Slack is a product that was never meant to be a product. The company Tiny Speck was developing a video game when it built Slack to solve its internal communication issues.  Instead of team communication and knowledge sharing happening over email and various other channels, Slack allowed teams to centralize their communications. Soon, copies of Slack spread around. People experienced its value immediately, and it