Smart tips

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Smart tips

Prevent user errors

Complex processes or input forms can represent a challenge for even properly onboarded users. This is especially risky with long processes, where a wrong user input made at the beginning can have a lasting impact downstream.

Smart tips

What are smart tips?

Smart Tips are advanced tooltips that are specially tailored to improve the input forms. Use them to simplify even very complex forms or processes on your site by adding hints or important information to critical input fields or confusing elements. This way you can increase the success rate of your customers and improve the quality of their data inputs.

Smart tips

Improve easily user experience

In most products, the input forms are identified by users as the most confusing and frustrating part of the user experience. Removing obstacles and risks for frustration by placing a contextual help leads to overall higher user satisfaction.

Smart tips

Start today, see results tomorrow

The power of Smart Tips lies in their great return on investment - they do a great job, while the implementation is quick and they require minimal maintenance. Just place a tooltip on a select element of your page and it’s done!

Smart Tips can work independently or in combination with Product Tours or User Onboarding Checklist.

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