Surveys & NPS

Collect feedback with contextual in-product surveys

Employee onboarding
Quick surveys

Quick surveys

Ask a question about your product or feature whenever needed.



Show the surveys to the right audience and ask additional questions based on previous answers.


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Measure customer loyalty and satisfaction with NPS and trigger the right actions based on the results.

Employee onboarding - Because first impressions matter

Contextual feedback collection with quick surveys

Usetiful makes it easy to continuously collect feedback by automatically asking survey questions. Need to get a quick feedback from users on a new feature or continuourly monitor customer sentiment during the user onboarding? Usetiful surveys will help you.

Employee onboarding - Personalized onboarding flows

Ask the right users at the right time

With the advanced targeting options you can show surveys to specific user segments at the right moment and in specific touchpoint. Run in-product surveys as part of the user onboarding or as independent campaign.

Use your existing platform for analysis

Analyse data where you used to

Send the answers from the questionnaire using webhooks to your current analytical or CRM systems. With Usetiful you don't have to add new tools to your current stack.

Employee onboarding - Personalized onboarding flows

Calculate NPS across the entire customer journey

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys help you to measure the customer satisfaction in a systematic and comparable way. Usetiful allows you to easily create and run NPS surveys to measure how the score develops across users groups and touchpoints.

And that's not all...

No-code solution and easy setup

No-code solution and easy setup

Simply design your employee onboarding experiences using our visual editor.

Customize the look and feel

Customize the look & feel

Usetiful allows you to fully customize the content and white label the style of your questionnaires to make them look and feel like an integral part of your application.

Support for teams and organizations

Support for teams and organizations

Invite your colleagues to collaborate with you directly in the Usetiful tool. Manage onboarding for different organizations within your company separately.

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