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The current economic climate means there is far less margin for error. Everyone is feeling the pinch and trying to do more with less. So if you want to save money without sacrificing quality, it could be time to explore Usetiful as an alternative to WalkMe.

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Why is Usetiful the best WalkMe alternative?

Walkme has been in the digital adoption game for a while. It has a good reputation and many valuable features to help with user adoption. However, some serious downsides mean finding a Walkme alternative is a must for many users.

Some users have complained that the platform is buggy and can be hard to integrate with existing tools. Other users have talked about a lack of user-friendliness. In fact, it's so difficult to use that it requires extensive training.

Perhaps most troubling is the pricing. The Walkme pricing page lacks transparency. However, the solution costs users anywhere between $9000 and $50000 per year.

Why you need Usetiful as your Walkme alternative:

  • Easy to use
  • Quick and easy to integrate
  • Save money

What do we offer?

We know that businesses like yours need credible alternatives to WalkMe. We don't want any roadblocks between you and your new happy life with a more user-friendly, cost-effective, and better DAP experience. Here is what we offer to make moving from WalkMe as simple and painless as possible.



You can try Usetiful out without any commitment. We're confident in our product and sure that once you give it a go, you'll be happy you did.

What's more, our pricing is 100% transparent with no surprises. We hate it when vendors don't provide clarity about how much it will cost to access their service.

PNo regret switch

No regret switch

We understand that switching while you're in the middle of a contract with another vendor is tricky. We'll provide you with our service for free for the time that is remaining on your existing WalkMe license, meaning you're not paying double.

Help with migration

Help with migration

Migration can be a drag; we get it. However, our team of experts can help you make the switch. That could take the form of consultancy sessions or even hands-on help. Whatever approach is most suitable for your business.

Are you ready to find out why Usetiful is the best WalkMe alternative?

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